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Family Office Solutions provides complete strategic planning, business accounting, document management, and other helpful services to businesses and organizations. As a licensed accounting firm, we deal with a range of issues, serving our clients with integrity and attention to detail. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Management and Oversight

  • Serve as a trusted advisor and point person (to both board members and shareholders) for all every-day (simple and complex) matters that arise.
  • Serve as liaison for beneficiaries to trustee and provide oversight for all activities.
  • Stay abreast of continuously changing tax laws and make recommendations for modifications as needed.
  • Make recommendations for LLC distributions to members.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other service providers.
  • Continuously pursue methods to operate with increased efficiency.
  • Attend Quarterly Board Meetings
  • Communicate with board and officers on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a resource to board and family members to locate and assess other service providers, such as trustee, attorney, insurance, and investment providers.
  • Manage Lines of Credit


  • Coordinate Quarterly Board Meetings
  • Prepare Reports for Quarterly Meetings
  • Facilitate distribution of all materials to all interested parties.